Prospector Rye Whisky 750 ml

Prospector Rye Whisky

750 ml

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Odd Society

100% BC Rye aged in new American white oak barrels for a minimum three years. Unlike most Canadian Rye whiskies, we chose to use 100% Rye to highlight the unique qualities of the grain, such as baking spice and demerara. We use new barrels to impart intense vanilla and oak flavours in effort to balance the natural heavy spice. Drink in a classic Manhattan.

Nose: Vanilla, oak, brandied cherry, baking spice, prune, demerara sugar.
Palate: Baking spice, ripe apricot, vanilla, cacao, eucalyptus, menthol, dry finish.

750 ml  – 46% ABV


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Odd Society
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