Mia Amata Amaro 375 ml

Mia Amata Amaro

375 ml

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Odd Society

Amaro, meaning bitter in Italian, is a bittersweet herbaceous liqueur, defined by the harmony of botanicals which comprise every unique recipe. Ours is a family secret, created by Mia Glanz, the
daughter of the distiller.

It began as a wish to create a liqueur with two Brazilian aphrodisiac botanicals, and evolved into a rich, intense after-dinner sipper, in the tradition of all Italian Amari.

Mia Amata means “my beloved” in Italian. Have neat, after dinner or in our Amata Crusta cocktail.

Nose: Caramel, candied orange, cacao, mace, clove, peppermint, lavender, licorice, musk.
Palate: Candied plum & orange, caramel, sharp then earthy, leather, licorice, gentian.

375 ml – 30%


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