Boneyard Anniversary Whisky 750 ml

10th Anniversary Whisky

46% ABV – 750 ml

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Odd Society

Boneyard is a very special, limited release to celebrate Odd Society’s tenth anniversary. In a unique nod to the “Solera” method, we save several litres from every whisky bottling and age them in two special casks, which we called our Boneyard Casks. The whisky is a natural blend of single malt, maple whisky, peated malt, rye and smoked malt. The oldest addition is over seven years old and the youngest four and a half. Odd Society has saved several litres from this release and started another Boneyard Barrel.

The whisky itself is wonderfully unique, complex and balanced.

Tasting Note: caramel, vanilla, chocolatey orange, musk and leather, marzipan, nougat, hint of smoke with a dry finish.


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Odd Society
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