Bittersweet Vermouth 375 ml

375 ml – 18%

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Odd Society

A new world rendition of an old French recipe from the late 1800’s. We infuse a Naramata Viognier blend with 25 exotic and locally foraged botanicals, including Arbutus bark from Mayne Island. Fortified with our neutral spirit, sweetened with caramelized sugar. Drink before dinner on ice with an orange slice/olive to stimulate your appetite or in your favourite vermouth cocktail.

Nose: Dried Italian herb, citrus zest, bright, floral, astrigent, caramel, vanilla, musk.

Palate: Opens sweet & fruity, floral, orange, turns herbal with damp tree bark, ends in a long, bitter wormwood finish, while remaining sweet like nectar.


Silver (Amaro or Vermouth)- Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition 2023
Gold (with distinction)+Best in Class (Amaro or Vermouth) Cdn Artisan Spirit Competition 2022


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Odd Society
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